gone and completely forgotten 2

A few weeks ago I was working on my laptop getting things done and feeling quite proud of myself. Then all of a sudden it started to run slowly. And by all of a sudden, I mean at 12:04 it was fine and at 12:05 it was slow. I realized it had been a while since I had restarted, and I am one to neglect updates, so I figured I was due.

Except it never restarted.

Cussing ensued. And a bit of panic.

Do I have Time Machine? Yes, yes I do. But that really didn’t help me since I hadn’t plugged in my external drive in 294 days. I swear to you, it was on my list for THAT DAY. Oy.

I went off to MacAuthority to see if anything could be done. Two guys worked on it for a total of two hours before pronouncing the hard drive completely dead. Sob.

One thing I will tell you, Google has saved me. My mail, contacts, and even some frequently used sites (like this one, for instance. I had no idea what my login or password were, or even the address to get to my admin page, but Google remembered it all.) Say what you will about big brother, I’m thankful that it didn’t completely wipe everything. I also have a lot of documents on Google that would have been gone if they had just been on my laptop. Whew.

Pictures? Yes, pictures are what hurt the most. Luckily I did back up a lot of those less than a year ago, so while I lost a lot, I didn’t lose the most important ones. And I still had our Disney photos on the camera card, so those are safe too.

I lost one freelance project that I was in the midst of, but have started to redo it and it’s much better this time around, so I’m not complaining.

Oddly enough, other than that, I can’t tell you what’s gone. I had tons of stuff on there, but I guess a lot of it was like the material stuff I don’t throw away that really isn’t that important after all. A bit of writing, I’m sure. But nothing that was bound for greatness. I have hard copies of most things that are truly important. I pieced together hard copy receipts for tax records which was a huge pain, but doable. I keep waiting for the moment I realize some item of huge importance was there and is now gone.

I have had to redo a bunch of passwords because I relied on the computer to remember them for me. And now that so many places require 8 letters, a number, an uppercase, no spaces, no this, extra that, I am having a hard time even remembering the ones I just reset.

I finally got a new laptop a few weeks later and appreciate its clean desktop. It can sync with my other apple devices which my old laptop was too old to do. I ponied up and paid for 3 years of Carbonite so everything is updated for me without having to do anything. Yes, it costs more than doing it myself, and yes, I have the ability to do it myself, but at 40 years old, I know myself. I know that having it done automatically is well worth the price per year.


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